Dissertation topics on project management worth your attention

Project management is a very popular subject chosen by many students at university. Due to this, it can be a real problem to stand out with your dissertation since there is such a wide range submitted every year.

Topics For Project Management

When choosing a topic to write your project management thesis about, it is best to make sure that you hit the main points of the dissertation checklist. The main things your professors will be looking for, when reading your paper is the following:

  • Research: They will actively be looking at the sort of research you have included into your paper. You need to be up to date on the latest literature in regards to your topic, and also need to know of the important history of research undertaken in your topic, along with all the important milestones. Failure to adequately convey this to your professors will negatively impact your work.
  • Analysis: You need to analyze various view points pertaining to your topic; especially those that are different from your own. This shows your ability to take on multiple views and analyze them to come to your own conclusion – which is, after all, a large part of the job of your professors.

With that in mind, the following topic allow you to incorporate both of these vital points into your work:

  • What are the consequences of implementing risk mitigation planning early in a project?
  • What are the limitations of project management software tools?
  • What are the advantages of project management software tools?
  • Critical path schedule optimization
  • A history of project management
  • An analysis of triple constraints
  • Case studies of project management successes.
  • Avoiding project failure through good project management
  • How to improve project management skills
  • Project management of the hotel industry in the UK
  • Exploring the shadows of project management
  • Project management in the construction industry

As you can see, these topics allow you to cite numerous research sources and to discuss different opinion on the topic.

Project management papers can be hard to stand out with, however, if you choose a topic from our list, then there is no doubt that you will be set apart from the crowd with your topic, and be able to achieve high marks in your thesis.

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